Chassidy Byers

Chassidy Byers

Chassidy Byers was born on January 13, 1987 and passed away at the at of 29 on May 7, 2016.

She was a beautiful girl inside and out. Chassidy always knew how to make someone laugh and her laughter would fill a room. She had an outgoing personality and was never afraid to stand out. She had a drive to succeed and was very much like her dad.

She wanted nothing more than to love and be loved.


  1. Anthony

    I love and miss you so much. Homestly I don’t know why I am even putting this on here because I know you can’t see it. I still have your number sis and went to call you the other day it still hasn’t fully clicked for me. I am going to make sure you are with me for ever in my mind and on my body. I love you sis wish I could have talked to you just one more time

    1. Ashley

      Chassidy your one of a kind I didn’t know you very long but the time I did spend with you was amazing always laughing always being real and beautiful inside and out you are forever loved and missed and wish to se you again one day love you ? girly hope the other side is as awesome as you are!!!! Love ❤️ you Chassidy

  2. Kacee Geoffroy (Hale)

    There is nothing I remember more about growing up next to you than your hilarious laugh!! You had such a light sweet girl! You were so kind and thoughtful always to me and Taylor. I have endless memories of giggling for hours coloring , playing Barbies, playing mermaids in your pool, chasing chickens in your yard and eating dinners on your over sized bean bag all of us cuddled together. My heart hurts beyond measure for you and your family. I pray for God’s hand on your hearts Cheryl and Carissa! Words can not express my sorrow for you both. I pray for your peace Chassidy! Love, Kacee

  3. Bambi Finlay

    It is hard to even believe this is real and to find the right words to say. I love you Chassidy Raquel Byers and I have so many good memories with you that I will forever cherish in my heart. I remember staying up late talking with you about random things in life, you laying on your bottom bunk bed and me on the top. I remember having the longest tickling wars with you and you always wanting me to tickle you more. I remember playing mermaids with you and Kissa in your pool in Norco, until we all turned into prunes. I remember climbing on your backyard barn roof and watching super bowl at my house, eating Doritos and making each other laugh. I remember jumping on the trampoline and singing the song “Chiquita Banana” with you, while we both wrapped towels around our heads. I remember your laugh, you had a strong laugh that was contagious to all around you. I wish we had more memories together as we were older, God only knows how much. You always reminded me of Tigger, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, and one of a kind. I know God loved you very deeply, and I know I will see you again dear cousin, and this time we will give each other a hug that is filled with pure love, joy, and happiness <3 You will never be forgotten and loved!…
    Revelation 21:1-4 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

  4. Tiffany {cousin}

    We will miss you cousin. I wish we had more time to express how much we loved you & wanted you with us. I wish we all had more time. Im going to try and do better. Love harder. See more.
    Love u Chass. I hope I get to see you again. ❤️

  5. Mitzi Caldwell

    Your picture I see you where a beautiful young lady. Wish I could of known you growing up. Cheryl & Carissa my heart goes out to you both. I think of you everyday. Wish all of us could have been in each others lives through out the years. I talked to Mark about everyone coming to visit me, sorry that never happened. Maybe one day the two of you can come visit I think it would make him happy. I know it would me. Love you both very much. Prayers and thoughts go out to you every day…….Mitzi

  6. Lisa Spencer

    Chassidy, my beautiful crazy cousin. I love that you referred to me as your Auntie, and as Anthony as your little brother, I wish I would have gotten to spend more time with you. You were so full of life and I loved how you me and Anthony just clicked! Us black sheep of the family need to stick together! ? I will keep in contact with your mom, please watch over Anthony for me, we have figured out he is definitely the male version of you! I love you so much sweetie!

  7. Jeri Ward "Mama J"

    My heart is broken and wish I could have been there more for you. Miss you sweetpea. Such a precious soul and free spirit. I miss you waving and that big smile when i would drive home and see u. I miss our taco nite. I miss your silly laugh. I miss you Chassidy Byers. Rest in paradise with your daddy. Give my nephew mike a big hug. Love you

  8. Susan Pule ( Price )

    Dear Chassidy,
    I’m still in shock to hear your gone. I was driving and received a text from my twin sister that you had passed. I felt sick to my stomach hoping it wasn’t true. All I kept thinking about was your mom and sister. My love and prayers Go out to them. ? You were my best friend in high school our freshman and sophomore year. Always made me laugh and had my back no matter what. When I had bad days you always made it better. You had one of a kind personality. So outspoken and so loving with everyone you were close with. You always knew what to say. Whenever I was around you my cheeks and tummy would hurt from laughing so hard.I wish i would of reached out to have coffee or lunch to catch up. I would of loved for my girls to meet you! They would of adored you. Rest in peace Chassidy! Love you girlie! -Susan Pule
    ( Price )

  9. Lisa Johnson

    Oh beautiful girl if only I would have known the pain you were enduring. I wish there was something I could have said or done. I will forever remember your laugh and big smile and that sassy but honest attitude. May you rest peacefully. I’m thankful to have met you and spend your last birthday celebrating with you. I love you Chassidy ❤️

  10. Michelene (Briggs) Harris


    I have no words other than to say how very sorry I am. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Carissa during this difficult time. May the beautiful memories you have be with you today, tomorrow and always.

  11. Natalie

    I was shocked and saddened to get the call. My little kindred free spirit. You will be missed. I wish I could have known you better. I enjoyed our talks at my Dad’s, your Grandpa Thomason house. I laughed when I heard they would call you Nat all the time. May you have peace. Love you.
    Aunt Natalie

  12. Author Byers Family

    Dear Chassidy,

    We wish that you could have seen, what we saw in you. The amazing person you were and the incredible joy you brought to others. We are just so sorry that you could not see any hope to continue your journey forward. We’ve lost our whole world with you gone. We will always speak your name without stigma or shame. You will be held in our hearts and we will forever be proud of you.

    With our eternal love for you,
    Dad, Mom, and Sister

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